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May 31 - june 2, @ the biltmore miami

Learning Agenda Day Two

 Thursday 1 June 2017

    Responsible gaming is a huge issue in any market. Particularly in LatAm, where the gaming industry still has quite a negative public image, it is important for regulators and operators to figure out w ...
    Certain payment providers such as BoaCompra have recently started expanding on the list of local payment systems that they support. On the one hand this makes it much easier for gamers and should, in ...
    The relationship between the gaming and financial sectors What effect do international banking policies on gaming have on local banks? The role of the financial sector in the fight against illegal gam ...
    Recognising the behaviours that indicate gambling addiction Understanding safe limits to play and the boundaries of intervention Incorporating alerts, deposit limits and pauses into your games
    It is not just the public’s image of gaming which needs to be improved, the regulators also need to view gaming simply as another industry in order for them to make any positive changes. With this in ...
    Games of chance have traditionally been played in an anonymous environment, no player details are taken and you play with cash. Now that due diligence and KYC is increasingly important in the fight ag ...
    A lot of other countries in the region are already following Colombia’s example and donating their revenue to social causes. Argentina and Chile for example, do not have this in their legislation, but ...
    Match-fixing is a growing concern to sport worldwide, and poses a real danger to regulated sports betting markets. Genius Sports, in partnership with Paddy Power Betfair and regulatory, law-enforcemen ...
    The exclusive use of gaming taxes for social welfare – how does it work? Highlighting the value of creating a positive association between gaming and social causes Can the rest of the region follow su ...

  • "The opportunity to bring leaders from this exciting continent together with leaders from around the world in an event covering all sectors and channels dedicated to Latin America has been a long time coming and we fully support this excellent new initiative.”
    Heliodoro Giner
    Casinos De España
  • "I'm delighted and honoured to be Chairman of the first Juegos Miami. Our industry is on the cusp of significant and far-reaching change and we need an event which brings global expertise together with regional insight and experience. Juegos Miami will be a first on many fronts."
    Marcelo D'Amato
    Chilean Casino Association President



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