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9, Strada della Risera,
10090 - ROSTA
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Abbiati Casino Equipment is a family owned business based in Turin, Italy. The company has been producing and manufacturing professional casino equipment since 1976 and has grown to become one of the leading casino equipment manufactures and suppliers across Europe, Asia, and now in the Americas. Quality, Service and Security are prime objectives for the Abbiati Company along with expeditious lead-time and delivery.
Abbiati’s main business is supplying customized and standard Casino products. Including but not limited to Chips, Plaques, Jetons, also featuring 13,56 PJM RFID technology. Roulette wheels, both standard and our patented Laser Technology, deluxe tables, roulette displays, layouts, and most all core table gaming equipment and accessories.
We have an on site graphics department to ensure quality and the customization required by our customers as well as a full sales team and in-house logistics. Layouts, tables, wheels, etc., built onsite and stored in our two secured facilities within 50 meters of each other.
Our constant growth and success testify to our commitment to deliver high quality and flawless products with a high standard of customer service.
Over the past 3 years ABBIATI has expanded its presence in the Americas with customers ranging from Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Entertainment, and Marriott International, just to mention a few. With a concentration to introduce our products to the West Coast, Florida and the Caribbean with many new orders coming from California, Las Vegas, Miami, Puerto Rico, Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, Turks & Caicos, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, St. Maarten and recently expanding into Mexico.
We know that casinos have a variation of budgets, and to keep competitive pricing we have introduced throughout North, Central, and South America our table line “Abbiati by Americas” built in the United States, and we will soon follow by including tables “Made in Italy for the Americas” Thus giving a variety of options for all of our customers. Meanwhile, on our roulette wheels, displays, and chips we have very competitive pricing without losing the quality expected from an Abbiati product.
Whether you need just a few items or in making ABBIATI Casino Equipment your complete turnkey solution, know that Abbiati is Italian Quality and Design you can count on.


Americas: +1-305-989-7474  - Italy: +39 011 9567865