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Over the past two decades, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) has become one of the most trusted and respected regulators in the online gambling industry. Its framework is robust yet flexible; it has been designed to keep pace with the ever-changing requirements of the sector, while also ensuring consumers are protected and operators and suppliers compliant with the highest possible standards.

The AGCC is one of only a few regulators that has the experience and skill to apply a risk-based approach to licensing. This means its licensees are compliant with internationally-recognised standards, but without being stifled by over regulation.

The Alderney framework adjusts risk proportionately, which means rules and regulations can be applied to a business in a practical way, and only if required. This differs to those implementing a prescriptive approach, where licensees have a blanket obligation to conform, even when rules are not applicable or relevant to their business.

By taking this approach, the AGCC can confidently license businesses across all verticals, including both games of chance and games of skill, as well as daily fantasy sports, eSports betting and any type of gambling.

The AGCC licenses businesses operating in existing and mature markets, as well as those that are new and emerging. The latter is a big focus right now, with the regulator playing a key role in helping new jurisdictions open their digital doors to online gambling. Its knowledge and expertise is being leveraged by lawmakers in markets such as the U.S. Africa, Asia and Latin America to help establish frameworks and models across these regions.

In addition, the AGCC has recently launched its Category 1 Associate Certificate (B2C). It is the first licence of its kind and allows businesses to apply for an Alderney licence from any country in the world. It is particularly helpful for those currently operating in pre-regulated markets, as it shows they are taking a proactive approach to compliance, and are meeting the same standards set for those in established, fully-regulated markets.

The AGCC is very much a hands-on regulator, and works closely with its licensees to understand their businesses and their goals and objectives.

This is vital when taking a risk-based approach, but also ensures licensees can take full advantage of the regulator’s knowledge and experience.

There are other benefits to being licensed in Alderney, too. 

Operators and suppliers based out of Alderney can take advantage of a zero-to-low tax economy, with world-class telecoms links to the EU and the US.