Ed Roberts


Over 20 years, Ed Roberts has supplied and consolidated as a benchmark for casinos in South, Central America and the Caribbean. Looking for the aesthetic-generational change in the casinos, it contributes designs and creative products. With this concept, it distributes 1st line brands and creates innovative products.

Detailing the products of its group, we find its SuperlightER Layouts with digital development, ER-Tables (Standard-Luxury-Freestyle) with exclusive designs and all the necessary accessories for the complete operation of the same ones; distributes brands such as Bohm (roulettes), 1956 by Tai Ping (carpets), CTC (roulette displays), Fournier (cards-Argentina), Matsui (chips-Argentina) and ShuffleMaster (Argentina-Chile and Uruguay).

Being the first Latin American company to be present in Miami, it exhibits its innovative online developments: TTG (Online Live Floor), EDYX (Online Slots) and TechnoGames (Online Games), indispensable as strategic tools in every room and casino of any sizes.

“We have taken on the challenge of introducing ourselves to Miami, we are ready to face such an important market.”

Eduardo Roberts