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+1 (702) 522 7849


Quixant is the premier designer and manufacturer of advanced PC based computer platforms and monitor solutions exclusively for the global gaming industry. Based in the UK, Quixant currently has global operations in Italy, USA, Germany, Taiwan and Japan with customers in every region of the world.

Quixant empowers gaming and slot machine manufacturers with proven, cutting-edge gaming platforms to drive the most vibrant, captivating games available. By establishing a focus on game content, Quixant enables customers to align their R&D budgets with the drivers of commercial success.  High performance processing and multi-screen graphics capabilities, combined with Quixant’s Gaming Ecosystem® which encompasses a rich gaming feature set and in-built security, accelerate the development process and significantly reduce time-to-market. The Gaming Ecosystem® also includes comprehensive, cross-platform drivers, gaming libraries and software tools for both Microsoft Windows and Linux, including those for SAS 6.02. Quixant's solutions improve security and reliability of typical systems, while reducing noise, heat and power consumption.

Quixant complements its gaming platforms with an extensive range of optimised gaming monitors that are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the gaming industry. Monitors incorporating high-quality, wide viewing angle A-Grade panels, LED backlighting, advanced touchscreen technologies and a range of LED frame lighting solutions are available. The cover glass and frames are customizable with choice of logo, graphics, colour and 2.5D or 3D cover glass to satisfy any unique custom requirements. Included within the range of gaming monitors are a variety of button decks which can support up to 10-finger touch and offer connectivity via DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI and VGA interfaces. The shape, thickness, button cut-out and mechanical frame can be provided on both a standard and bespoke basis, further adding to the versatility of the offering.

For further information, please visit www.quixant.com