That it is constituted as a transparent and truthful source of information, in order to expose to public opinion the direct benefits generated by these companies, which currently create more than 38 thousand direct and 140 thousand indirect jobs of a permanent nature. Since its creation, in October 2009, it has initiated a reliable census of the industrialists of this business within the national territory, where there are 31 large Permit holders that have authorized 775 establishments. The AIEJA assumes the commitment to promote the construction of social promotion policies and aid to the localities where the establishments are located; promote the organization of congresses, fairs, conferences and all kinds of events related to the industry; to celebrate, non-profit, alliances with all kinds of people, associations, societies and national or foreign institutions pursuing improvements for the entertainment industry and betting game, among others.


Represent the interests of entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry, before various groups to become a qualified spokesperson to disclose the virtues and benefits generated by this sector of the economy, as a generator of employment and important taxpayer of the federal treasury.

Represent a sector of the economy, which operates with a legal framework that offers legal certainty, which is why this industry has become an important recipient of domestic and foreign investment. It has multiplied its capacity to generate jobs, redistribute wealth in an equitable and proportional fiscal environment. Finally, public opinion perceives these companies as legal and legitimate.

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