Training at Juegos Miami

Training takes place at the Prado and Aragon rooms of the Biltmore Hotel, Miami, on 31st May 2018. You will be able to attend one of the 2 Masterclasses below, chosen at the time of booking. Please note that attending the Masterclasses does not guarantee entry to Juegos Miami.

Pricing: $249 (10% discount for 3+ bookings)

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If you have any queries or would like more information please contact Adam Roebuck via /  +34 662-04-66-89

LATAM Affiliate Masterclass

½ day LATAM Affiliate Masterclass - delivered by Itsik Akiva and Jason ‘Wolf’ Rosenberg


The Affiliate Management Workshop is provides a half-day introduction through to help you navigate the world of affiliate management. With competition for quality affiliates ever increasing and more online gaming operators competing for consumers’ attention, streamlining practices will improve the performance of your affiliate programme. You will be introduced to the tools and tactics required to significantly improve your performance and enjoyment in the role, and leave a lasting impact on your bottom line.

  •  Learn proven strategies to maximise individual and team results
  • Discover what it takes to be an affiliate manager and how to adapt your individual nature to succeed in the role
  • Learning how to successfully engage affiliates: understand what affiliates are looking for and how to give it to them 
  • Understand how to synchronise effective relationship management with business growth
  • How to negotiate effectively in your own style to optimise results
  • Discover how to consistently grow results and relationships with affiliates
  • Maximise your effectiveness and activity at affiliate conferences to ensure ROI

LATAM Sportsbook Masterclass

½ day LATAM Sportsbook Masterclass - delivered by Lee Richardson


This half day workshop looks at factors to consider when a land-based operation seeks to introduce a Sports Book operation.

It investigates:

  • How a sports book functions, what are the critical success factors
  • Essential considerations for initial ‘creation of a sports book’ and early phase development – things you must do, and pitfalls to avoid
  • How they can operate in parallel with other land-based gaming operations with examples from a range of other markets and operators
  • Potential operating models, and important product considerations
  • Routes to customer acquisition, segmentation and retention.